Green Beans

Sunday lunch is all about the sides

Quick green beans  (if you have fresh better)

I used a bag of frozen cut green beans.

Cover beans in water and let come to boil.Set aside.

In a black skillet fry 2 slices of bacon add chopped onion,bell pepper and celery until tender. Add beans and cook until tender. Add Creole seasoning and salt&pepper. 

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Breakfast scramble

Dad made it in a wok but a skillet works just fine.

Breakfast sausage 

Frozen hash browns 



Season mix  ( blend of onion,celery& bell pepper)

You can use whatever you have on hand

I cook sausage -take out of pan.Add some oil and cook potatoes and seasoning. Add back meat and eggs,  Cook until done. Sprinkle with cheese -melt. Serve with toast.

Great  brunch time food. We change up ingredients as need. Lisa

Chicken quesadillas 

Cook on grill or black iron skillet –

Place butter in skillet, place flour tortilla down place shredded chicken ,cheese and whatever you like inside-place another on top and let heat. Flipp and toast on other side. 

Cut and serve with salsa or any other sides. This is very versatile can be breakfast, lunch,dinner or dessert – Have fun and enjoy! Lisa

Sunday lunch 

Pot roast cooked in slow cooker . Smothered cabbage and yellow squash and zucchini. 

I cook lunch every Sunday for my parents – my Mom has some dietary needs I have to consider.

No potatoes,whole grain ,tomatoes and the list goes on. But we are okay here

2 .5 bottom round roast.

Roast was browned on all sides before placing in slow cooker. Add beef stock,trinity, seasoning and Worcestershire sauce -let cook 6 hrs on high. About half way add – vegetables and thickner (corn starch/water slury)

Cabbage was smothered with bacon in black skillet. 

Zucchini/squash combo cooked with seasoning until tender.

Enjoy ! Lisa


A family favorite -this pot was made with 

1 chicken breast

1 link of sausage 

1 can ro tel tomatoes 

1 small can tomatoe sauce

2 cups of rice 

4 cups of liquid (combo of chicken stock/water )

Trinity and seasoning 

In a large pot -add spoon of oil. Saute trinty,cut up sausage, and chicken.

Add to pot can of tomatoes and a cup of liquid -cook about 30 minutes. Add 2 cups of rice and rest of liquid -stir. Place lid and cook until rice is cooked.

You can replace rice with pasta if you like. You can also do this with pork or seafood. Lisa

Gumbo time

When the weather is in the 40’s it’s

Gumbo time in Louisiana

My family is a big fan of gumbo but to tell the truth iam not a big fan! I know it’s hard to believe but it’s the truth.

Gumbo is fairly easy to make-most hardest thing to do is make a roux that needs to cook until dark brown. (Emeril says 2 beers) lol.

Then add trinty,garilc ,parsley,stock and meat.Season to taste. Let cook. Lisa